Menthol Crystal


Menthol Crystals

S. R. Impex is reckoned as one of the major Menthol Crystals Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. The refreshing aroma and sweet taste have make the crystals widely used in demanded in pharmaceutical, confectionary and cosmetic industries. The unmatched quality and high properties have played a vital role in the enhancement of the domestic as well as international demand. These are also packed conventionally using the modern technology. Apart from bulk packaging, we also specialize in offering small packaging as per the requirements of the buyers.

Menthol Crystals find tremendous usage in various industries. Besides being an essential part of the kitchen ingredients because of its aroma and taste it is also widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and various other industries.

First of all, the question arises, what exactly menthol is. It is an organic compound and chemically it is represented by OH group. It is characterized by the strong smell. The aroma of this provides a pleasing effect on the mind. As per its physical properties when it is tasted it offers a cooling effect. The same is case with its application on the skin. When it is applied in the form of liquid on skin, it provides a cooling sensation. It possesses sweet or pleasing smell along with a cooling effect on the skin cell.

It is considered as a miraculous naturally occurring substance because of its healing and curing effects. Due to its tremendous healing nature, menthol crystal and menthol oil find tremendous usage in the pharmaceutical industry.

Because of its tremendous healing power, it is widely used in molten or oil form in providing relaxation from stress. The property to provide a cooling effect and its pleasant smell helps a lot in providing relief from stress.

The menthol crystals are widely used in providing refreshment to the mouth. The cooling effect, as well as the pleasing aroma, helps in refreshing the mouth odor.

It is very effective in treating lungs ailments. It is an excellent cure to dry cough and cold. Its consumption naturally removes the lungs ailments, thus improves the health standards.

Last but not least is that it is widely used in curing the sunburns and various skin ailments owing to the fact that it provides a cooling sensation to the skin.

The menthol crystal is widely used in the home kitchen. The natural sweet taste makes it perfect for an intake. Apart from this, it is also used in providing fresh breathe.

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